01. franchise consultancy 02. investment development, location consultancy
  03. project management 04. trade representation

01. franchise consultancy

Franchise professionals of KVA Consulting have designed franchise programs for foreign and Hungarian companies for over 17 years. We have selected a team of Hungarian and foreign experts whose experiences are synergized to create customized solutions that fit the specific needs of our clients.

what services kva consulting offers? what are the added values we provide to our clients' businesses?

  • Adaptation of franchise systems.
  • Use best practice franchise methods developed for the Hungarian market penetration.
  • Being a KVA Consulting client means you have access to a network of contacts, strategic financing sources, business networks, specialized legal services, recruitment companies, marketing professionals, media, real estate agencies in Hungary just to name a few.
  • Success and growth oriented services under one roof which makes the operation convenient, cohesive and cost-effective. We offer our clients state-of-art franchise expanding programs in Hungary.
  • With international business contacts our company has global scope and knowledge.
  • We understand the cross-cultural differences and challenges influencing business performances and expansions.
  • Profit oriented and client friendly approach in the perspective of community needs.
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